Commissioner Of Police Is Optimistic About Greater Support From The Public


Commissioner of Police, Michael Matthews recalled that he was portrayed in a cartoon in the press, and subjected to criticisms in the blogs that he described as “soul destroying.” Nonetheless, the Head of the RVIPF in a heartfelt speech announced that things are now changing for the better.

“I am sensing a shift in the atmosphere especially in this new year 2017…I sense vocal intolerance to lawlessness and a refusal to make excuses or defend disorder and disrespect,” the Commissioner told the gathering at the New Testament Church of God (NTCOG) at the Police Golden Anniversary thanksgiving service.

In recalling his feature in the press Mr. Matthews said: “Just this morning once again I saw my picture in the press and I thought oh no not again. I’ve become a cartoon since I’ve been here. My wife if she were able to make it today would have simply said – the cartoon makes you look younger and better looking.”

“I’ve said I’m not going to keep reading the blogs that go after the article because very often they are very negative and soul destroying; but I’m sensing a change. I am starting to see people say – hang on a minute we need to be supporting the police: they do a really difficult job; they do their best to try and keep us safe with the resources they have got, give them a chance,” the Commissioner announced.

In noting the change Mr. Matthews explained that things are indeed changing for the better: “I sense a greater support for those who enforce the law, not just the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, but our colleagues in Customs, Immigration, in the Ports, our security guards everybody and it’s all good and it is as a result of you and many others who have petitioned and prayed for change. I don’t know if I have any prophetic news to offer, but I see many good fruits coming from this shift of attitude.”

The community support was described as a source of strength for the Commissioner: “I am being humbled by the many people who have spoken to me one-to-one often in the street— that have said Commissioner last night my church prayed for you, or Commissioner I am going to pray for you this week. The first time this was said to me when I had recently taken the post somebody said Commissioner – I’m going to pray for you and I thought oh dear what a job that people have to pray for me. However God bless you all for those prayers they are welcomed and appreciated,” he disclosed.

Mr. Matthew also said that at times when he ponders on whether he is doing the right thing or making a difference he remembers: “The people are praying for me, for my office, to be safe, and to do the right thing; and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.”