Commissioner Condemns Assault On Police Officers Unlawful Scooter Riders Will Be Targetted


Tuesday, March 28 – Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews has condemned the assault on the two traffic officers by a scooter rider last Friday on Waterfront Drive.

“Violent acts against any of my officers are never acceptable. However, I am particularly disturbed by the level of this assault on Friday on my Road Policing officers who were simply carrying their duties to keep road users and riders safe. I have giving instructions for the full force of the law to be exacted on anyone who decides to attack any officer while he or she is carrying out duties.

The alleged offender, Mervin Flaherty Jr., 18, of McNamara, has since been charged with two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, two counts of criminal damage, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He will also face several traffic related offences.

The two officers received treatment at Peebles Hospital, were discharged and are now at home recuperating.

Commissioner noted that over the same week, scooter riders had been involved in three accidents, two of which involved pedestrians while on pedestrian crosswalks. Both riders fled the scene before Police arrived.

Pedestrians, in each case, were treated and discharged.

“While there are scooter riders who follow the law, we do have many more who arrogantly violate the law and put pedestrians, other road users and themselves at risk. Beware that my officers will be targeting unlawful scooter riders and enforcing the law. We ask for the encouragement, support and cooperation of the public as we ensure that all operators of motor scooters follow the law and practice safety.