College To Promote Lifelong Learning


President of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, Dr. Karl Dawson announced that the College seems to be having a problem attracting mature students.

Dr. Dawson told the Standing Finance Committee that the higher learning institution is still attracting the same percentage of graduates from the High Schools in the Territory. However, he stated that some of the other statistics will show that the average age of students seems to be dropping; and that it would seem as if they are having trouble attracting mature students.

He noted that it would be somewhat expected in a sense, as more persons go to college immediately after high school versus the number of persons who have deferred attending college.

The College President suggested that the College continues to promote lifelong learning so that the persons who may have obtained an associate’s degree in 2014 may come back in 2018 for a certificate in something else that continues to upgrade them for the skills required in the workplace and the economy.