Clif Struiken Leads 60 in Olympic Day Run 10K


Olympic Day Run participants take off from the 200m line on the A. O. Shirley Grounds on Saturday

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Clif Struiken led from start to finish, as the second part of road racing in the territory leading up to December’s BVI Half Marathon, got underway on Saturday at the A. O. Shirley Grounds, with 60 participants competing in three Olympic Day Run distances—10K, 5K and One Mile.

“I wanted to go sub 37 today, but I’ve not been really focusing on speed in the last two months as I have another Ultra Marathon coming up in August, (60K in San Francisco) so I tried to get a fast time. I did it faster than I did last year so that’s great,” Struiken noted, after completing the loop around town from the A. O. Shirley Grounds and return in 37 minutes and 22 seconds. “Compared to my last race, this was a really flat race so I didn’t burn out completely, that is good. I was fast in the latter part of the race and overall, I’m happy. The conditions were very nice, cloudy and cooler.”

The women’s winner was Katrina Lindsay, who was very happy with her her time of 46:11, which chopped two minutes off last year’s mark.

“I not fond of 10K, but the 5K and just ran it to see what I can do and it was tough,” she said, noting that it was long. “It’s double a 5K and I’m ready to stop at the end of 5K. I didn’t have a particular time but I thought under 50 minutes would be nice.”

Julius Farley, second behind Struiken in 41:00, said he started late as he was putting down his Olympic Day shirt when the race began.

“I tried going out hard, then I got stitches so I struggled all the way actually,” he said. “But, it was cool and breezy. I congratulate Clif. He did a fantastic job. He didn’t hold back at all.”

Reuben Stoby who’s usually among the leaders opted for the 5K instead.

“I had to be true to myself, I’m not in 10K shape,” he noted. “I haven’t been able to do a lot of long runs, but I wanted to run a decent 5K and I was able to do that in 18:47, which is not a bad time. But, I definitely will work on that towards the 10K.”

Race Director Kay Reddy, was happy with the turnout in the fun event.

“This was a great kick off to the 10K series because we closed down the 5K Series which is very doable, but 10K is ramping up the distance a little bit and it becomes more of a challenge,” she pointed out. “But, people are obviously willing to take on that challenge, so the first race of the Ceres Juices 10K Series will kick off on July 7. This was a warmup and we’ll see what happens on that day. We’re looking forward to it.”

Olympic Day Run results. 10K Women: 1. Katrina Lindsay, 46 minutes and 11 seconds.  2. Kim Struiken, 47:22.  3. Rosmond Johnson, 49:27.  4. Gillian Plaxton, 55:30.  5. Kay Reddy, 1:02:56.  6. Mary Grace Macayanan, 1:15:24. 7. Nedy Ador Dionicio, 1:16:16.  8. Shirley Liburd, 1:17:59.  9. Mika Hlungwani, 1:32:35.

Men: 1. Clif Struiken, 37:22. 2. Julius Farley, 41:00.  3. Derek Rawlings, 43:50.  4. Matthew Nelson, 47:13.  5. Kendi Vanterpool, 49:46.  6. Phil Nelson, 50:32.  7. Adrian Dale, 53:07.  8. Sergio Dantas, 53:08.  9. Claudius Rymer 53:32.  10. Mahmoud Ahmad, 58:36.  11. Eduardo De Vera, 59:54.  12. Rico Lasala. 59:54. 13. Philippe Leroy, 1:01:47.  14. Zebalon McLean, 1:02:57. 15. Brandon Kartick, 1:06:24.  16. Hamza Mzee , 1:06:34.  17. Andrew Chen, 1:07:02.  18. Jim Cullimore, 1:17:49.  19. Ravenal Santos, 1:20:34.

5K Women: 1. Darwn Peters, 27:17.  2. Tallulah Kinkead, 28:20.  3. Anna Kinkead, 29:03.  4. Philomena Robertson, 33:56.  5. Arlene Cullimore, 1:03:51.  6. Donna Williams, 7. Sherrylou Apelo. Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 18:47.  2. Decosta Rowe, 26:49.  3. Archie Christian, 34:18.  4. Chris Ghiorse, 40:04.

Women: 1. Ava Ghiorse, 14:30.  2. Carleen Durant, 19:19.  3. Kayla Powell, 21:01. 4. Victoria Ghiorse. Men:1. Omari Simmons, 14:24. 2. Glenford “Chappy” Maduro, 18:05. 3. Ephraim Penn, 18:06. 4. Eli Ghiorse, 21:23.