Civil Servants To Be Paid Increments


Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith assured that the civil servants will be paid their increments this year.

Hon. Smith gave his assurance during the 22 March Budget debate. “We thought that recognizing increments are earned we could reduce the provision in the budget, and when the total increment was determined; and become due then that would be supplemented as necessary so that all the increments will be paid during the year.”

“However, upon further revision of the estimates we  have been able to avoid that and the civil servants will receive their full increment, and that would be reflected in the budget this year,” Hon. Smith clarified.

Last year, May, in a Territorial Address Hon. Smith reiterated Government’s decision to withhold civil servant increments during the early parts of his administration and announced that increments were since reinstated.

In that address Premier Smith said: “It is also true that Public Officers’ increments were deferred for a couple of years. I preferred to take that decision because of my Government’s commitment to stand by our Public Officers so that they in turn could support their families. I am equally pleased today that we did not have to lay off a single Public Officer as many other of our Caribbean neighbours did.”