Civics Re-Instated In Curriculum: Initiative Welcomed


Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn has been applauded for his marked interest in returning Civics to the classrooms of the Virgin Islands.

Civics was one of first subjects offered in the Territory back 1961 when first cycle of secondary education in the form of Post Primary Education was introduced. The subject somehow fell off the curriculum and now, decades later, the subject will return.

The announcement was made by Minister Walwyn in his Territory Day address on 29 June. He said: “I believe one of the greatest ways any citizen or resident can contribute to this Territory is by offering themselves in genuine service…The development of national pride; and the preservation of the Virgin Islands is of primary importance to this administration… We must ensure that we return Civics to the Virgin Islands education system in both the primary and secondary schools, because we understand the need to build good and informed citizens.”

One day after the announcement was made both former Complaints Commissioner, Mr. Elton Georges, and current Complaints Commissioner, Sheila Brathwaite agreed that Civics as a subject in the schools will promote social responsibility in students.

With Civics back in the schools former Complaints Commissioner Mr. Georges said that the Territory will be able to produce citizens who are more conscious; take responsibility; and are equipped to live in a community where they will have to compromise, and give respect.

Newly Appointed Complaints Commissioner, Mrs. Brathwaite stated that Civics was part of the curriculum in her days, and lauded the subject: “Civics teaches respect for each other, and we have to respect each other… It is essential that children learn early how to respect each other; and the initiative which the Minister for Education came up with having the children who are graduating do community service, I thought that was a good idea because it teaches them to give back, and that they are responsible for the growth of the Territory.”