Christmas Is Eclipsed By Pleasure & Profit


Bishop Dr. David Bryan opines that in the current bustle it appears that the reason for the Christmas season is being eclipsed by all of the other trending topics, and commercial holiday sales pitch.

Bishop Bryan, who is the Pastor of the Church of God of Prophecy in Hunthums Ghut shared his analysis during the annual Leos and Lions 37th annual Christmas tree lighting event held at the Sir Olva Georges Plaza on 27 November.

The Bishop noted that now instead of being a period of charitable reflections Christmas is known more for buying and selling, and is apparently the favorite time of the year for merchants.

“The Christmas season is quickly approaching and the businessmen and store owners and different corporate CEOs have made plans to increase market shares, to boost their profits, to capture the attention of people who they see as consumers,”

The Bishop said that while the commercial sales are being pushed, political messages are also being mentioned making this season even less about Jesus Christ: “…In this kind of environment here we are understanding and perhaps in the minds of many, money is king and politics is consuming all of the air time but the biblical story seems to be quaint and perhaps not quite relevant.”

In relations to his note that Jesus is taking a backseat in the holiday grab and go, the Church Leader warned persons that this is not a good choice to make: “One day he will judge us all. Do not ignore him; your response to him will determine your destiny. Don’t neglect him because he is not irrelevant. The Jesus of Bethlehem is not a secondary figure of history, he is the Savior of the world, he is exclusive, and salvation is found in no one else.”