Christmas on de Castro Street to highlight Weekend


This weekend will mark the 20th staging of Christmas on Main Street now Christmas on de Castro Street, but it will be a sad/sweet occurrence as Santa Claus will be there but co-founder of the event the late Hon. Delores Christopher will not.

In an interview with The Island Sun newspaper Janice Brathwaite-Edwards Co-chair of Christmas on de Castro Street, and City Manager announced that the plans are in place for another cheery Christmas on de Castro Street that is being held in Territory on Friday 30 November and Saturday 1 December.

Although Hon. Christopher would not be physically present at the event Brathwaite-Edwards said through memories and tribute the recently departed legislator will still be felt at the event.

The Co-chair of Christmas on Main/de Castro Street said that this year’s event is being held taking Hon. Christopher’s wishes into consideration. “Christmas on de Castro Street this year is in honor of Hon. Delores Christopher who was a founding member of Christmas on Main Street now de Castro street who passed away a few weeks ago. In light of the fact that she has now gone on we will do what it is she would have liked to do in 2018 which is have a myriad of carols Christmas music, Christmas dancing and Christmas performances.”

No Christmas celebration is ever complete without an appearance from Jolly Old Saint Nick, and this year it was announced that Santa is arriving at de Castro Street event in an energy efficient means. “We will have Santa entering Christmas on de Castro Street Saturday night on a bicycle. We are looking at the economics of the day and we feel that if we use a bicycle we don’t have to use a lot of energy, just human energy and we think it will be something different because he is coming in on a bicycle led by a group of street dancers,” Brathwaite-Edwards disclosed.

This year’s event will be exciting with Christmas lights, fungi music, various music performances as well as dance showcases.

What Christmas on Main Street Meant to Hon. Christopher

During Hon. Delores Christopher funeral service on 3 November, her daughter Najan Christopher shared what the annual event meant to her mother. In fact, she disclosed that in her last days Hon. Christopher was still trying to help with the organization of this year’s event: “She was particularly looking forward to it as it would be the 20th anniversary of that event.”

Hon. Christopher’s daughter said: “As one of the leading organizers of this event (Christmas on Main Street/de Castro Street) she ensured that key local groups, choirs, bands, and others would have the opportunity to perform. I want to say also that Christmas on Main Street became a love for her and every November going into December I would know that my mom is going to overwork.”

“We had no choice but to support her in the passion that she has for this community. Christmas on Main Street for her was very special because it allowed her to ensure that members of our local community would have an opportunity to build confidence to nurture their talents,” Ms. Christopher explained. Additionally she pointed out that the family business Mellow Moods Café was born on Christmas on Main Street.