China to assist BVI in Immigration personnel Training


Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith announced that following discussions during his recently concluded trip to Asia, the Territory will be benefiting from immigration training from China.

The BVI Leader made the announcement during a press conference on 17 September. He disclosed that he was privy to a presentation from China’s Immigration officials during his visit and talks on training were held. Hon. Smith said that the training will be beneficial to the Territory because of some immigration concerns that have been expressed. Dr. Smith said: “We have concerns about our immigration system in the BVI and there are always complaints from various quarters, that is why we took the opportunity to visit the immigration department in Hong Kong because they have proven to have one of the most effective, most functional.”

“We received a presentation from the Chief Immigration Officer and his colleagues and we also have a promise of cooperation that essentially says training opportunities with the Hong Kong Immigration Department,” the Premier stated.

The discussions for immigration were described to be in the early stages, and much information on the logistics were not mentioned. However, it was stated that preliminary arrangements have started: “We have already initiated certain things, such as writing letters to the Immigration Department…So I am looking to see some action very early in several months from now but I cannot give an exact date now…The exchange of our officers visiting Hong Kong or officers coming here for training purposes. We have not fleshed out the details but we have an understanding that we will work together and share these experiences,” Dr. Smith said.

The BVI Leader described the immigration training as necessary because of complaints he said that “There have been numerous complaints from time to time about the immigration and when you get complaints from the public it is important that you listen to the public and respond. And, therefore it was important to department that is reported to be highly regarded around the world to see what we can improve what we have here in the BVI,” Dr. Smith mentioned.