Census results still in Limbo


“Let us do our part and ask for the information, let us demand the information and let us get a timeline of when we will get this information,” host of the JTV Speak Your Mind talk show, Courtney De Castro announced during the May 31 show.

De Castro who has always bemoaned the delayed results, announced that it was time that the census, which is already four years late be made public: “We are still waiting to hear when the information is going to be delivered to us this is four years now, and we are still waiting,” he said.

“We the people paid for this information to be collected and tabulated and it is being held from us willfully I would say because four years is willfulness and we need the information we need to be able to make the informed decisions rather than guessing and making assumptions. You will have the information that you can further analyze and make sense out of it,” he added.

A Tortola resident told this newspaper that the census results of the previous decades were always very late: “I wonder if it is because it is bad news, it is long ago that BV Islanders have been outnumbered,” he said.

The Talk Show host explained that the delay of the census is a hindrance to proper forecasting which is essential to certain decision making processes: “One of the reasons why I am asking for this information is because planners, and architects, people, who are involved with planning projects, need this type of information. I will give you an example: if a school is to be built in a particular area we need to know how many children we have in that area. We need to know how many vehicles pass in a particular area based on the numbers.”

De Castro further stated that census information determines growth in a particular area, and should be done each decade: “We need that type of information on a ten year basis and since the last census it is now 14 years. So, ladies and gentlemen I am asking I am begging, and I want more people to join me and demand, yes ladies and gentlemen demand that we get the census report. It is important for us especially coming up to an election. We need to know how many people are in the territory. We need to have an idea of how many voting people are going to be in the various districts we need to know the size of the Districts, when you know the size of the Districts you can make calculations. This is the information age, and without information you don’t have any wealth, unless people are purposely holding this information from the public from us and that would be a very negative thing to do,” he pointed out.