Cedar School To Expand Its Campus


Having acquired another parcel of land Cedar International is moving forward with its expansion. The school’s administration announced that the new acquisition signals another chapter in Cedar’s growth.

In an announcement on 22 November the school said: “We are pleased to share some exciting news for the next chapter of Cedar’s growth. Last week the school secured an agreement to acquire Parcel 52, the parcel of land just to the east of Cedar’s other two lots (Parcels 50 and 51) which were acquired in 2013.”

The school’s management explained that this new acquisition, which is due to be completed within 30 days, will join all three parcels into two contiguous acres of waterfront land presenting exciting opportunities for the future expansion and development of the Cedar campus.

“Lots 50 and 51 were separated by an access way to Lot 52, limiting the scope of development arrangements. The extra parcel of land provides us the opportunity of building facilities that fit the school’s needs, and to do so in a more cost effective way than would be possible without it,” the school explained.

The Cedar administration further disclosed that the expansion plans are already moving forward: “Work is already commencing on feasibility studies for short, medium and long term use. Some of the possibilities being looked at include dedicated accommodation for a boarding programme, performing arts facilities, sports facilities and multi-purpose spaces. Additionally, as Lot 52 extends around the headland into Sophie Bay, there is an excellent opportunity to consider a dock and safe water access.”

The school’s spokesperson also noted that the new acquisition will not affect its operation cost or cause it to raise its fees: “We are also pleased to note that this acquisition, due to the restructuring of existing financing arrangements, will have no negative effect on the school’s operating costs and, crucially, will not add any upward pressure on fees. Rather it presents an exciting opportunity to diversify the school’s revenue potential while expanding and improving facilities for all.”