CCTV To Monitor Peripheral Areas Plagued By Crime Incidence


In response to requests from residents in certain areas additional CCTV cameras will be installed around the Territory now that the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force budget has been supplemented.

In disclosing this development Commissioner of the RVIPF Michael Matthews announced: “We already got a public CCTV system but it is limited and I have had a lot of contact from a number of communities saying they would want to see cameras in their area.”

The Commissioner said: “We did an assessment to see if we can expand the existing system, if we can upgrade it with better technology. To make sure of course that in the future it is going to link in with the emergency control room, and 911 center that is hopefully going to be opening up later as well in the Territory.”

This control center, Mr. Matthews disclosed, will be based at Peebles Hospital. Meanwhile the Commissioner announced that it was too soon to determine which community will have cameras installed: “I can’t say specifically today that we’re going to put a camera here, and a camera there; because there is work to be done.”

“Once we know we have the funding for it, we will sit down and do the risk assessment to work out where is the best use of that technology, which communities are going to benefit the most from, which communities are going to feel safer, and of course, which communities we think we are going to have to target because we have a crime problem,” he added.