Cct Opens New Store, Deals With Trc Fine Issue


CCT Global Communications opened the doors to its new concept store this week and also announced the end to the network issues and said that they intend to comply with the TRC’s fine.

The locally owned telecommunications company held its grand concept store opening on 16 May, days after the TRC fined the company $50,000 for the alleged unauthorized use of the 700 MHz spectrum, which is used to offer 4G LTE.

Prior to the opening, members of the media were invited to tour the new concept store on 15 May.  Janet Brin, CCT Public Relations, and Marketing Manager told the media that the new store greatly improves the CCT shopping experience with added features such as LED TV displays, an experience bar and a kids exploration table.

She announced that the “the greatest feature is CCT’s team of dedicated employees helping customers in every engagement channel, including live in the store, live via the customer service center and social media. The CCT concept store is a great place for persons of all ages to learn and experience the latest in telecommunications. The new CCT concept store is set to embody the company tag line, Life, Unlimited.”

Averad Penn, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) explained that the store improvement was part of a $10million investment.

Asked about complaints customers were making because of network issues, the CEO stated that the company had some growing pains that have been well chronicled: “We are having some growing pains, because we are transitioning from an old network to a new network. We are in the last phase of turning off the old network completely which will help to eradicate most of these problems completely.”

The CCT CEO reminded that Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool issued a request for telecommunications companies to bring the best technology in the world to the BVI, and he said that he is pleased to announce that CCT has answered that challenge.



In a statement, Guy Lester Malone, Chief Executive Officer of the TRC announced that the levied against CCT was in reference to section 75(1) of the Telecommunications Act, 2006. He stated that the TRC after consulting the legislation came to the conclusion that the company contravened section 20(1)(a) of the Act which stipulates that an authorized holder shall strictly adhere to its authorized frequency band(s). As such the decision was made to fine the company in accordance with section 75(2)(b) of the Act.

The TRC CEO stated: “….Such actions would interfere with the 700 MHz allocation process. The TRC is now pressing on with the process of allocating frequencies that will allow the launch of new and innovative mobile service in the Virgin Islands such as 4G LTE….The allocation process for the 700 MHz bandwidth is an important issue for all service providers and the general public in the Virgin Islands due to its suitability for use in conjunction with the latest 4GLTE technology. The TRC would like to confirm to the public that no operator has yet been authorized to use the 700 MHz spectrum for launching 4G LTE services.”

However, Mr. Penn said that his company did nothing wrong. In fact, the CCT CEO told the media: “We have to be compliant with the TRC, but we would look to see what recourse we have in relation to that matter; so I have to be a little careful in how I answer. I have to say that we are not looking for any adverse relationship with the TRC, they are the regulators of the industry; and we try to do everything with full information to the TRC.”

In fact CCT’s head explained that his company’s network plans were made known, and communicated that the turn of events is somewhat surprising: “We have never been shy that we are building a new network and we want to build a best in class network that does include LTE technology. We went out and got pioneer status to bring in LTE technology. We informed the TRC of each step as we have been going along. We have installed this technology here within the BVI and we are waiting for an opportunity to bring it to the customer. Up till now we have not given LTE technology to any customer because we are awaiting that approval that is the status of where it is from a CCT perspective.”

When asked asked if he thought the situation was fair Penn said he would reserve judgement, he was also asked if CCT intends to pay, and he noted that the company   strives to be compliant.