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Cargo Backlog Being Looked Iinto: Premier Fahie Says


There was a backup of incoming cargo at Port Purcell caused by the 24-hour curfew that only recently ended.

The backlog of shipped goods crowding the major port was confirmed by Premier and Minister for Finance Hon. Andrew Fahie in a statement on 24 April. In that announcement Hon. Fahie noted that even though the port has a backlog it would be operating at the same limited hours as other businesses 6:00am to 1:00pm.

The Premier in noting the packed port situation said, “I am advised that there are a lot of goods at the port waiting for the past 21 days to be cleared. We need to get those goods cleared and off the port so that it can be distributed and can reach the end users who are in need of it.”

Being cognizant of the overcrowded port and limited hours for clearance the Premier noted that plans are being made to make use the hours available: “HM Customs will put the requisite measures and resources in place so that the process can be expedited to get these goods cleared off the port and into the hands of the people who need them.”

Additionally, Hon. Fahie said as Minister of Finance, he will be meeting with the Acting Director of the Ports Authority and the Acting Director of HM Customs to ensure that all the processes are in place and functional. The Premier also promised to make spot visits to the port to ensure things were going well. 

The crowding of the Ports with shipped items is not new, in fact, it was experienced during the months after hurricanes Irma and Maria.