Cane Garden Bay Music Fete To Highlight Weekend


Music Festival 2014 might have been cancelled but there will still be music on the beach at Cane Garden Bay this weekend (23 and 24 May) as is customary.

Artiste and businessman Quito Rymer rose to the occasion and saved the weekend by sponsoring a music fest type event to fill the gap that the annual event was leaving.  In a media interview, Quito announced: “In place of the Music Fest that has been cancelled this year I decided that it is very important to us in the Village and the island to keep it alive, so I decided to use the same dates. For this year it will just be the 23 and the 24 May.”

Mr. Rymer announced that event will have an impressive line-up that includes a lot of local talents and some that are coming in from overseas as well. Among the announced names are internationally known performers Freddie McGregor who has been here before, Fiona and Marcia Griffith.

In explaining his decision to stage the event Quito said: “It’s something worth saving, it’s something that the Territory looks forward to. It’s something that the Village looks forward to, so we just couldn’t let it die. I had to step forward and do something.”

It was announced that the event will take on the usual music fest format and will have the stage on the beach. He explained that there will be no collecting of funds at the bridges, so people are free to drive in. However, it was mentioned that there would be a fence at the area next to Quito’s Gazebo, leaving the other area of the beach free for use by those who don’t wish to attend the event.

Bus Service from BVI Taxi Assoc across from Bobby’s Marketplace Friday & Saturday From 5:30PM bus runs as it fills; individual Rate $10 per person one way Group Rate $6 one way for group of 5 or more.

This year the BVI Music Festival committee made the tough decision of postponing the 14th Annual BVI Music Festival in an effort to re-build and re-brand the event in preparation for 2015.