Candidates must tell the Truth


Immediately following the 2 February edition of NDP radio, Former Legislator and member of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Hon. Eileen Parson during the ‘Drive Time’ segment  lashed out at the statements that were made by First District Representative, and Opposition Member, Hon. Andrew Fahie’s in his District report on 24 January.

In his 2015 report to his constituents, First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie accused the Government of trying to ‘shut down’ his District. In fact, Hon. Fahie announced that actions taken by the Government has led him to conclude that his District is being unfairly dealt with: “For far too often I am left to conclude that this Administration has decided to shut down, cut down and cut out the First District,” the Opposition Member stated.

However, Ms. Parsons refuted claims that the NDP was slighting some Districts and explained that every Government has to prioritize the projects needed for the country.

“If it were true that the National Democratic Party Government was only doing projects in Districts where they have representatives, there would not be currently advanced plans to build a new West End Ferry Dock and Terminal, to which minister Fahie did not see fit to push as a priority under his administration’s agenda,” Hon. Parsons stated.

She added: “If the National Democratic Party Government was freezing out certain districts, there would not be an upcoming ground breaking ceremony for a new Iris O’Neal Medical Clinic. There would not be a new Public Park and the near completion of basketball facilities in Virgin Gorda.  Fellow Virgin Islanders, you must demand that your candidates for the upcoming elections tell you the truth.