Cancer Society Evaluating Feasibility Of Financing Sonograms


In the very near future the BVI Cancer Society will be examining the feasibility of financing sonograms in cases where a certified physician makes the suggestion.

The announcement was made in the Society’s 2013 Report that was laid on the table of a recent House of Assembly sitting.

The American Cancer Society defines sonogram as an image that is created by an ultrasound machine. The Society explained that ultrasound is also a good way to tell fluid-filled cysts from solid tumors, because they make very different echo patterns. It also explained that “doctors often use ultrasound to guide a needle to do a biopsy (taking out fluid or small tissue samples to be looked at under a microscope). The doctor looks at the ultrasound screen while moving the needle and can see the needle moving toward and into the tumor…Ultrasound does not use radiation…Ultrasound usually costs much less than CT or MRI.”

The 2013 BVI Cancer Society Report stated: “We are oblivious to the causes of cancer, but continue to strive for the cure. Cancer can affect anyone and at anytime. It does not discriminate,” the report stated.

The no profit organisation (NPO) has been lobbying for a cancer registry in the Territory as a means of dealing with this group of diseases commonly known as cancer. President of the BVI Cancer Society, Gloria Fahie while speaking at luncheon that was held at The Pub restaurant in October last year stressed the need for the cancer registry. She said: “We need a national registry, we need the Government to get involved, we can’t do it alone because research takes a lot of money we don’t have the funds…”

The suggestion of a registry was adopted by the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) who announced earlier this year that the project was allotted for in 2013/2014 budget of the BVI Health Services Authority. The announcement was made by CEO of the BVI Health Services Authority Darlene Carty Baptiste who stated that the Medical Records Unit of the BVIHSA will be developing a computerized tumor registry.

This, tumor registry is part of the Unit’s efforts to prioritize and make the retrieval of patient information to facilitate the continuum of care and developing policy and procedures to guarantee patient confidentiality.

Additionally the Unit also intends to develop a chronic non-communicable disease database.