Calypsionians Focus On Sleeping Politicians


Ninth District Representative, Dr. the Hon. Hubert O’Neal got an earful as to how some of his constituents feel about his representation during the recently concluded Virgin Gorda Easter Festival as at least three calypsonians reported in song.

During the 16 April competition the 2017 monarch Reynold “King Paido” Phillip and former monarchs Joycelyn “Sistah Joyce” Searles and Shereen “Queen Shereen” Flax-Charles in social commentaries declared that Ninth District residents are not satisfied with their representation. Further all three singers accused Hon. O’Neal of being asleep on the job.

In announcing that residents feel that Hon. O’Neal have not been attentive to certain matters Sistah Joyce drew reference to the former District Representative, Hon. Ralph O’Neal and declared in her song ‘Virgin Gorda I Feel Your Pain’: “All who voted Bertie now saying he sleeping more than Ralphie.”

The Calypsonian further said, “All who voted Bertie, now saying they sorry voting for he … NDP treating us like an unwanted pregnancy.” She also noted that she has never been shy to highlight the areas being neglected by District Representatives and mentioned that she did the same during the tenure of the previous Representative, and has no qualms about highlighting issues now. “When defending my country, I don’t have mercy,” the Calypsonian stated in song.

Queen Shereen on the other hand repeated the sleeping comment twice in one line as she sung: “You falling asleep Bertie; like you drop asleep Bertie.” In further driving home the discontent with the current representation the Calypsonian sung: “You on your rocking chair scratching your head, when you should be helping your people instead.”

However, King Paido was a little subtle in his call out. The 2017 monarch while declaring the “fall asleep” line did not apply the sentiment directly to Hon. O’Neal, but rather to the Government as a whole. He said: “For a long time now Virgin Gorda Anegada they are being ignored; yes it seems like the representatives falling to sleep woi…”