Bvi’s Fossil Energy Dependency To Be Cut In Half By 2023


The promised comprehensive Energy Policy that will complement the legislation on electricity is in its final stage of completion. In fact, a workshop has been scheduled for 12 January to facilitate consultation on the document.

The announcement that the policy was close to completion was made by Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool at the recent House of Assembly sitting on 21 December.

Hon. Vanterpool disclosed that the legislation to incorporate Renewable Energy in the BVI Electricity Corporation 2014 Amendment Act, is now in force and Government continues to work with the Attorney General Chambers to complete the Regulations, so that installations can materialize.

“We are also developing a comprehensive Energy Policy for the Territory to include renewable energy, energy conservation, future use of cleaner fuels to generate electricity, such as propane or natural gas, and a futuristic look at the transportation sector,” he said.

This policy will be completed at the end of April, Hon. Vanterpool announced. In the interim, he stated that the process will commence with a workshop on 12 January. This workshop is expected to include various stakeholders in order to obtain valuable input on the constituent parts of the policy.

Minister Vanterpool opined that stakeholders at the workshop will be candid with suggestions such as: “How we implement solar energy generation; do we use energy from waste; will it be gasification or do we modify the existing incinerator; do we use energy from waves or energy from wind; and also the location of the wind turbines and how many.”

“The delivery of renewable energy, as stated in this Government’s Manifesto, is urgent, as we play our part in reducing our carbon footprint, as part of global climate change initiative,” Hon. Vanterpool added.

In 2014 during a press conference on 2 September, Chair of the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) Board, Ron Potter announced that the BVIEC presented the renewable energy legislation draft to the Ministry, and he noted that the legislation will be taken to the House of Assembly.

Mr. Potter also disclosed that the Board intended to deliver a renewable energy policy to the government for its consideration.

The legislation is a key part of Government’s energy conservation strategy, which seeks to ensure that by 2023 the Territory will decrease its fossil energy dependency and have 50 percent of energy supplied by alternative means.