Bvihsa Charge Nurses Receive Pins For Continued Education

New BVIHSA Charge Nurses with Executive Team Members

New BVIHSA Charge Nurses with Executive Team Members

Tuesday, May 13 – A total of 12 new Charge Nurses at the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority were pinned by the Hospital Nursing Director Ms. Jascinth Campbell-Hannibal on Monday afternoon at a ceremony held in the Training Room at Peebles Hospital.

A Charge Nurse is the frontline supervisor who is responsible for the immediate functioning of a Unit and who is responsible for ensuring that nursing care is delivered safely and appropriately.

In March 2013, 12 nurses enrolled in an education programme for senior nurses where they were taught on the main competencies of becoming a Charge Nurse. The curriculum covered modules in the following areas; human resources management, understanding the organisation, understanding self and others, financial management, image building, effective scheduling, communication and conflict management.

Upon completion of the education programme the nurses were tested and all 12 nurses were successful, with Nurse Edith Augustine and Nurse Avalina Valrose receiving the top scores.

The Charge Nurses will work with Nurse Managers on their specific units where they will be provided professional growth opportunities through supervisory responsibilities.

This week the British Virgin Islands Nurses Association (BVINA) is observing National Nurses Weeks 2014 from 12th May to Sunday 18th May under the theme “Nurses Leading the Way…”. The Charge Nurse Pinning Ceremony held by the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority was to acknowledge and to celebrate the new qualified Charge Nurses.