Bvi & Usvi Must Collaborate To Combat Human Trafficking


Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith announced that the issue of human trafficking is a matter of concern for both the United States V.I. and British Virgin Islands, and he explained why it was important that the two Territories work closely together to safeguard against perpetrators of this crime.

Speaking to the media at a press briefing on 21 April, the BVI Leader announced that the close proximity of the two islands places them at risk for the trafficking. He said: “The fact that we are close to the United States Virgin Islands concerns the United States I’m sure; because of the ease of travel between United States Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.”

In explaining the lure the two Territories might have on the human smugglers, Premier Smith explained: “Many people who bring people illegally in an attempt to get them to the United States Virgin Islands quite often land people in the BVI and quite often tell them they are already in the United States Virgin Islands.”

Hon. Smith said that this is a major reason why the two Territories have to
work very closely in patrolling the surrounding waters.