BVI Tax Information Exchange Agreement With Japan Comes Into Force From Oct 11


11-OCT-2014--BVI-TAX-INFORMATION-EXCHANGE-AGREEMENT-WITH-JAPAN-COMES-INTO-FORCE-OCTDeputy Director of the BVI London Office, Mr. Benito Wheatley is pictured here with Minister Uno Masao of the Government of Japan, following the Notification Ceremony on September 11. The Notification Ceremony announced that the Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) between the Government of Japan and the Government of the British Virgin Islands will come into effect on October, 11 2014. This means that both jurisdictions can exchange information in relation to tax matters, once a request for information has been made.  Earlier this year, on June 18, the Government of the Virgin Islands further strengthened its international relations by signing a TIEA with the Government of Japan. The TIEA will enable the two tax authorities to have greater ability to exchange information for tax purposes in accordance with internationally agreed standards. (Photo Credit:Provided)