BVI Shines In CXC Tests


Despite operating in a triple disaster ravaged territory the students who sat the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) passed with flying colors and Minister for Education and Culture Hon. Myron Walwyn lauded the accomplishment.

In presenting the pass rates following the 2018 sitting of these two Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) tests Hon. Walwyn noted that the students and educators and Department of Education should be commended.

While speaking in the House of Assembly on 14 August Hon. Walwyn said: “The system here got damaged, the education system got damaged physically, but just before the hurricane we had committed to doing e-testing with our CSEC and CAPE Caribbean Examinations; and we didn’t back down.”

The Education Minister noted that the Territory still managed to be the only country to take the examinations electronically. “Notwithstanding the situation with the hurricanes we forged ahead with our plans as if nothing had happened and we ended up being the only country in the Caribbean that did all their exams by e-testing. We were lauded very much by the Registrar and those folks at CXC for being the country that got perhaps the most damage in the hurricane season but being the only one that was able to go forward and get our work done by e-testing and I want to thank the persons in my Ministry,” Hon. Walwyn announced.

The Scores

345 candidates from throughout the BVI were registered for Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations and 17 candidates were registered for the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) in the 2018 May/June sitting of CXC examinations.

It was mentioned that the candidates that entered to sit one or two subjects in CAPE where Grades 1 – 5 were accepted as passes were successful. “Of the 2018 cohort who sat examinations, 18.52% received Grade 1 passes, 33.33% received Grade 2 passes, 25.93% received Grade 3 passes, 18.52% received Grade 4 passes and 3.7% received Grade 5 passes.   This equates to a 100% pass rate in CAPE compared with 87% across the region.  The top performing subjects were Entrepreneurship with candidates receiving only Grades 1 and 2 passes, and Biology Unit 2 with candidates receiving no lower than a Grade 3 pass,” Hon. Walwyn said.

As it relates to the CSEC examinations it was mentioned that students registered for at least one subject with 36 candidates registering for seven or more subjects.  “Students also performed well in the CSEC examinations.”

Hon. Walwyn noted that of the 2018 cohort who sat examinations, 27.26% received Grade 1 passes, 33.18% received Grade 2 passes and 27.26% received Grade 3 passes.  This equates to an 87.7% pass rate, compared with 63% regionally.

This year there was a 100% pass rate in 12 of the 28 subjects.  These subjects are: Agricultural Science, Biology, Information Technology, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Physical Education & Sport, Food and Resource Management, Technical Drawing, Industrial Technology Electrical, Industrial Technology Building, and Industrial Technology Mechanical.

It was also mentioned that in the five other top performing subjects, 90% or more candidates received Grades 1 – 3 passes.  These subjects are: Caribbean History (90% pass rate), Office Administration (94.9% pass rate),  Food, Nutrition and Health (92.3% pass rate), Principles of Business (98.6% pass rate) and Human and Social Biology (90.4% pass rate).

“In the core subjects of Mathematics and English A: 77.9% of candidates received Grades 1 – 3 passes in Mathematics compared to 49% regionally and 85.7% of candidates received Grades 1 – 3 passes in English A compared to 67% regionally,” Hon. Walwyn added.