A telethon aimed at gathering financial aid for the people of The Bahamas will be taking place on Tuesday 10 September

Dorian is described as the most powerful hurricane on record ever to hit The Bahamas and the storm in a horrifying and very strange manner stalled over the northern islands of the archipelago for days and wafted off eventually leaving many lost lives, billions of dollars in damage and destruction in its wake. In recent years The Bahamas suffered from other hurricanes but this was the horror hurricane.

Following the hours of Dorian’s onslaught, and the gripping footage that was funneling through people from around the world began mulling how they could assist, and aid and rescue kicked into high gear. Here in the BVI the Rotary family met and decided to take the lead in the effort to bring support to the people of The Bahamas. It would be good to see the USA at the forefront as well as other countries of the Americas including island nations of the Caribbean.

During a press conference on 3 September Rotarians informed the media that Bahamas falls under their District 7020 and that this situation touches the organization deeply. In addition to noting that the Rotary Clubs of the BVI have always offered support to countries in times of distress. Further it was stated that because of the closeness to The Bahamas, there are already direct lines of communication with people on the ground, which means that the support from the BVI will go to the heart of the relief efforts.