BVI Representative Meets UK Parliamentarians


Benito Wheatley, Director and EU/UK Representative of the BVI in London has welcomed the support offered to BVIslanders by UK Parliamentarians.

In meetings with individuals including members of the newly formed All Party British Virgin Islands Group and Emily Thornberry MP, Labour’s Chief Foreign Affairs Spokesperson and Shadow Foreign Secretary, he raised the issues facing the BVI following the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.

During the meetings, Mr Wheatley was able to discuss in detail the impact of the hurricane; the need for significant and humanitarian assistance and, importantly the requirement for a long-term package of economic reconstruction.

Mr Wheatley said: “I was grateful to see how engaged and supportive Parliamentarians are.  In particular, MPs have expressed the need to amend the UK’s aid budget to support the urgent reconstruction that is needed.  All MPs were supportive of the need for the UK to engage with the BVI in partnership to ensure that the long term needs of the territory are met.’

During his time in Westminster, Mr. Wheatley met the CEO of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK who also expressed support.