A faster way to send and receiving mail at the BVI Post Office will be available soon thanks to
the arrangements that are being made to have express mail service.
The disclosure was made by Cabinet at its July 30 meeting. In fact, it was mentioned that at
the said Cabinet Meeting that BVI Post was permitted to enter into an agreement with EMS
Cooperative, which is an international postal Express Mail Service for documents and
merchandise. This arrangement will enable the BVI Post Office to provide express mail service
Since the start of the year variou announcements have been made in relation to the
improvement of the mail service. One such announcement came from the 30 May Cabinet
meeting as the Government waived the tender process in order to facilitate the procurement
of durable letter boxes. These boxes are expected to replace those destroyed by the
hurricanes of 2017.
It was explained that Cabinet made the decision after considering the commercial and social
importance of the mailbox service. Therefore, it was mentioned that the Post Office will be
moving with an agreement that was made with U.S. Mail Supply Inc
U.S. Mail Supply was selected over and above two other companies, be awarded a contract
for the sum not to exceed $482,676 on the basis of durability, the manufacturing time factor
and the urgency of restoring the BVI’s postal services, in line with international standards,
with a view to generating the much needed revenue for the Territory and decided that the
project will be executed in phases.
The first phase will be carried out this year at a cost of $257,999; while the second phase will
be carried out at a cost of $174,312. The final phase will take place in at a cost of $50,365.