BVI Post Staff Is More Vigilant & Better Trained


Terrorism concerns were cited as a major concern in the postal industry. This fear was noted during the opening of the 18th Annual Caribbean Postal Union Conference
on 14 September.

The disclosure was made by Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith in his address to the regional top brass of postal administrations. The BVI Leader told the gathering: “In this era there is also the threat of heightened global terrorism and we must recognise that postal administrations have deeply relevant roles to play in national security, as they serve as an avenue through which goods are moved across borders.”

As it relates to the fear of undesirable occurrences involving the local post, Premier Smith mentioned that the BVI has taken a proactive stance to ensure that the integrity of the Post Office’s mandate is not compromised.

He said that the aim is to ensure that the post office is not used to facilitate the movement of controlled and illegal substances or firearms, ammunition and explosives into, and through the British Virgin Islands. The BVI Leader disclosed that the Territory has moved significantly in this regard, in fact he disclosed that in the coming months and years will continue to do so.

“Pursuant to this very real issue of security, we also recognise the need for postal administrations to forge strong alliances with the border control agencies in our territories, in order that the rim of security around our borders could be ever easier to manage and control. In the BVI for example, we are intent at developing a closer and mutually respectful relationship with our Customs and Police agencies to achieve just that,” he said.

In addition to enhanced security measures, Hon. Smith pointed out that postal entities must ensure that their officers are trained to the highest level possible in all areas of postal procedures. “We, for example, see the need for basic or even advanced training in business, accounting and logistics,” he said.

Hon. Smith added that the Caribbean Postal Training Centre has proved to be very useful to the Territory. He announced that the Government will continue to send postal officers to the Centre for training.

“It is my hope that the training in this centre will remain relevant and at the cutting edge of what is needed and required by postal administrations in the present and into the future.”