BVI People Do Not Have The Right To Bear Arms: Police Commissioner Warns


Homicide charges, or other criminal charges were promised by Commissioner of Police, Michael Mathews in response to suggestions that business persons should protect themselves with firearms and deal with robbers accordingly.

In his response to the suggestion that business persons should have the right to purchase guns in defense against robberies the Commissioner at a recent meeting explained that he cannot give the approval for such purchase: “How about we give firearms to business owners? Well you know that is not the police commissioner’s decision.”

“What I do know is that we do not have the right to bear arms in the Virgin Islands. This is not America it is not in our Constitution,” he further explained.

Furthermore the Commissioner made it clear that business owners would be charged for using the guns they purchase: “What I do know is that if you shoot an offender in the Virgin Islands because you think it is the right thing to do to protect your business interest my officers will investigate you for homicide that’s the law. I don’t make this up I follow the laws of the Territory.”

“I also know from previous incidents that have happened from looking at witness statement of people present that if somebody was armed at the scene of one of those incidences say a security guard they would be the first to be targeted by the offender. When an armed criminal decides to commit a crime and they see someone with a gun their first instinct is to remove that threat,” the Commissioner added.