BVI Now App Launched


An app that is being described as the BVI’s super directory was launched on 12 February by the company NanoSurvey Ltd in collaboration with the BVI Tourist Board. The software called the BVI Now App offers an innovative guide to places and activities in the Territory and is geared towards residents and visitors.

During the launch David Penn Liaison of NanoSurvey explained that the app was borne from the fact that since the 2017 hurricanes a number of businesses have been relocated and business phone numbers and locations changed but the various directories and company websites do not reflect this.

Penn said that while doing the app they discovered that there were companies in the Territory that did not have a digital footprint and wanted to change that. He described the BVI Now app as “the yellow pages on steroid” and stated that he anticipates that it would be the go-to for tourists as well as persons who live and work here in the BVI.

The company Liaison also emphasized that the app is a remarkable achievement that was made right here in the Territory and not in Silicon Valley.

App Developer Chuck Krallman said that he has observed that the tourists who visit the BVI struggle to make sense of directions on outdated maps that do not provide much guidance. It was noted in their research that many Google maps were no longer accurate in their mention of BVI locations.

Krallman said that the app works without internet connection and is able to customize recommendations based on what the user selects. The accuracy of the information is major plus as the Developer said that the project commenced with the creation of a database of BVI businesses.

The app has a marketing component to it as it lists all businesses for free and offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to get their message directly to visitors and residents. In noting how comprehensive the app is Krallman said, “You don’t have to go to the BVI Community Board and ask do you know the number of ….its all here.”

Most importantly, the Developer noted the fact that the app is privacy compliant and does not store or save user data.

The BVI Now app is available for free download on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store; and as part of its marketing the company representative said that wifi spots would be set up at various locations to enable download. These spots would include the USVI so that tourists would have the information before they arrive in the Territory.