BVI Is Not Pushing For Independence: Premier Says


Premier Dr. The Hon. D. Orlando Smith told the media that Government is not pushing for independence at this time. However, he disclosed that the process for constitutional review will still be undertaken.

During a recent press conference Dr. Smith told reporters that Government is keen on advancing constitutional review; and intends to include the public in the endeavor: “During that process there will be discussions with the public. That is an integral part of the process, the last time we did it that took several months to do and that process will inform the government of the desire of the people.”

While Hon. Smith was not specific about the time the review is expected to commence, he did indicate that the process is expected to begin this month.

He also indicated that the scaling back of the powers of the Governor is still one of the areas to consider in the review: “Of course that (scaling of Governor’s powers) would be one of the things that would be discussed… There will be suggestions from among the community various groups and individuals; there will also be suggestions from the members of the House of Assembly and all of these would be taken into consideration as we make the final decision,” the Premier added.