The BVI Music Festival Committee announced via Facebook recently that word about the 2014 event will be forthcoming soon!

On 3 April a statement was issued by the Committee announcing the rescheduling to 2015 and confirming issues with funding and venue.

The statement divulged that “the BVI Music Festival committee has made the tough decision of postponing the 14th Annual BVI Music Festival, in the traditional sense, and will be re-building and re-branding the event in preparation for 2015.

“The committee, headed by Rhodni Skelton, has made this tough decision after several rounds of meetings with the Cane Garden Bay Community, the Premier and other Sponsors.  “While we know that everyone, including the committee loves CGB because of its beauty, the great restaurants, bars and hotel amenities there, and the warm and friendly people from that area…financially, it has become unrealistic.”

The same source confirmed that “without significant financial support from the Government and other sponsors, the event, if continued at CGB, will continue to operate at a loss and cannot be sustainable.  We are 100% convinced that the BVI as a whole recoups the revenue that the government has contributed by way of sponsorship over the years.  However, with the event taking place on an open beach, along with the committee not being able to benefit from being the only beverage vendor at the event, it is almost impossible to collect sufficient revenue at the event itself.”

Mr. Skelton noted that “after meeting with the Premier, who confirmed that this Government would not be contributing any major financial sponsorship to the event, permission was granted for the use of Brandywine Bay by the Premier and the Minister of Natural Resources & Labour.  We have also considered other alternate locations, such as Nanny Cay (where the event was not welcomed). Our intention would be to continue to promote CGB as the place to be during the day, but have evening performances take place, on a beach but one that has more of a controlled environment.  We feel that this would afford the best of all worlds.  CGB would still be a major hotspot during the Memorial Day Weekend and allows for our visitors to enjoy the beach, and simultaneously, they can enjoy the great performances they have become used to, also on a beach, but the event would be better positioned to sustain itself.”

Since various media in the Territory reported that the Committee responsible for the event was allegedly having funding issues, many wondered whether there was going to be a Music Festival this year, and assumed the worst. However, the hope of those on the virtual sphere did not wane as the Committee maintained a buzz about the event.

Last week it was announced that plans have taken form and that official word was coming: “We are finalizing our sponsors and added some new twists to the event! Look out for our “All Inclusive” options! More delight for your dollar! We hope to launch one week from tomorrow! All will be revealed,” the Committee announced via Facebook on 25 March.