The Marine Professional Training programme that was launched at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) in August has become affiliated with the American Boat and Yacht Council and is now seen as a one-of-a-kind programme in the entire Caribbean region.

According to a disclosure from HLSCC the funding for the accreditation was provided by Nanny Cay, which is one of the largest purveyors of marine services and facilities in the British Virgin Islands.

It was mentioned that Nanny Cay has been working with the College in a marine area following the merciless 2017 hurricanes. In noting that the partnership has been a beneficial one HLSCC said: “In the two years since hurricanes Irma and Maria, and indeed even before the storms, Nanny Cay has been working right alongside HLSCC to build and improve Marine Training opportunities for the BVI Community.”

The fact that Nanny Cay made the funds available to secure the accreditation was referred to by the college as a testament of the business’ commitment: “Recently, Nanny Cay provided the funds for HLSCC to affiliate with the largest and most well regarded standards body in marine technology, the American Boat and Yacht Council,” the College stated.

“Our new Marine Professional Training (MPT) Level 1 is therefore an industry statement as much as it is a new programme: delivering training to the standard and competency required for Marine Professionals all over the world. ABYC’s Fundamentals of Marine Service Technology curriculum now features in MPT Level 1,” the College further noted.

In recent years HLSCC has publicly announced that it is trying to become a regional provider of marine service training. Many strides have been taken in this regard and now the College noted that this accredited programme is a further door opener: “HLSCC Marine Professional Training (MPT) Level 1, with 6 Certified Modules in Marine Service, Operations and Hospitality, is one of a kind in the Caribbean,” the College added.

Additionally, it was pointed out that the College has received other assistance in terms of financial aid for students who cannot afford the programme cost. “The cost per student is $5,500.00 and many students are unable to self-finance. In addition to the Premier’s Office assistance through the 1,000 Jobs in 1,000 Days initiative, UNITE BVI, a non-profit organization has donated generously towards student scholarships and tuition fees,” the College mentioned.

To date, 11 young men received scholarships for the HLSCC Marine Professional Training Course and commenced training.