BVI Leaders View Trump Presidency Optimistically


Leader of the BVI, Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith is optimistic about the new Trump administration, which commenced on 20 January with the swearing-in of businessman Trump as President of the United States of America.

Premier Smith announced in his Budget address that he sees the new era dawning as a moment of opportunity: “The BVI, with the remainder of the world, anxiously await the Trump presidency. Why?  Because the North American market supplies the overwhelming majority of the tourists who visit our shores, and most of our trade is done within that market.  A challenge?  Surely, but also an opportunity,” Premier Smith said.

“We know that many Americans are feeling confident about their future economic prospects under this President, and we are positioning ourselves to capitalize on that optimism through more aggressive tourism marketing, upgrading our tourism infrastructure and addressing air access,” Hon. Smith further noted.

On 9 November, Leader of the Opposition, and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser announced that he was a Trump supporter: “It has always been my preference for a Trump presidency. Just like I called BREXIT. American, and by extension, the world needed a new direction. Hillary Clinton was only going to be more of the same.”

Hon. Fraser stated: “The United States has lost its way in world trade, its balance of trade deficit is untenable. America doesn’t produce anything anymore. Just think about it, America lifted a trade ban on Iran, and before the ink dried, France was signing the sale of 118 aircraft valued at $25 billion with Iran. What happened to the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing? Well they eventually signed a smaller deal later. Perfect example how the international community is taking advantage of the US. A Trump presidency will put an end to that. Meaning a paying down on the ridiculous $20 trillion debt.”

He also announced that the BVI will be the better with a prosperous United States.