Bvi Leaders Are Grateful For a Hurricane-Free 2014


“It is God alone who has kept us safe from the many unexpected hurricanes,” Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser announced in his Christmas message. Hon. Fraser was among many Territory leaders who used their Christmas message to echo thanks for yet another hurricane free year.

Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith in his Christmas message said: “In this time of thanksgiving, let us together thank God for protecting the BVI for yet another year from the devastation of hurricanes.”

His Excellency, Governor John Duncan also expressed thanks to God for the year free of hurricane and said: “I encourage each and every one of us to be thankful and appreciative for our many blessings. Thankful to the Almighty for his faithful watch over the BVI and that we once again emerged safely through the hurricane season. Thankful to all those who work in disaster management, the emergency services, the health care professionals, law enforcement agencies, educators, churches, volunteers and others who help to ensure that the BVI remains safe and if the worst happens that we are ready to respond to the needs of our people.”

In his message Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal alluded to the fact that a storm was predicted, but he was thankful that the storm spared the Territory: “Despite the difficult situation worldwide, we can thank the Almighty God that the hurricane that was predicted to hit the Virgin Islands was shifted away from us and what a happy relief that was! For if that hurricane had hit us, the destruction would have added more to our troubles and for that we give God the thanks and praise.”