BVI Director of Tourism Sharon Flax-Brutus to leave the BVI Tourist Board after a tenure of eight years

Although the date of the final day of work is months away the BVI Tourist Board is already giving a rosy farewell to its Director Sharon Flax-Brutus who is reportedly leaving the organization.

In a press release issued on 15 May, the BVI Tourist Board disclosed that the Director who served for eight years would be bringing her tenure to a close on 15 November. The news of her decision to leave the organization was announced as a blow to staff at BVITB who disclosed in its announcement: “The Director’s decision came as a major surprise to many.”

It is well known that BVITB made great strides under Flax-Brutus’s leadership and these accomplishments were boasted of in the announcement of her leaving. The Board in its showering of praise of the current Director for all that she has done for the organization and the Territory as a whole declared: “Flax-Brutus took BVI tourism to levels it had never achieved before. The territory attained the recognition as an award-winning tourism destination, breaking record arrivals in 2016 welcoming over 1 million visitors, and rebuilding its tourism product following the 2017 hurricanes. Mrs. Flax-Brutus can be credited for several major achievements during her tenure.” Sharon Flax-Brutus has secured major attainments during her tenure such as inspiring a new generation of tourism professionals via the management training and tourism education programmes.

In a comment on her decision to leave the Board Flax-Brutus stated: “It has been my pleasure working with the BVI Tourist Board and Film Commission and to represent this territory which I am so proud to be a citizen of globally. I am gratified by my achievements over the last eight years, but I think it is time to move on and focus on other ways which will continue to benefit the BVI tourism industry.”

“I wish to thank the Board as well as successive governments for giving me the opportunity to serve our country at such a senior level. I also wish to thank my head office team here in the BVI as well as my colleagues in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Partnerships and relationships are golden in this industry and I have appreciated the work that our worldwide agencies, as well as the travel trade and journalists, have done in supporting me and by extension our British Virgin Islands. I will work with the Board over the next six months to ensure a smooth transition as we work together to re-open the BVI following COVID-19,” she added.