“THE Bvi Is A Christian Country”: Hon. O’neal Says


Leader of the Opposition and Ninth District Representative Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal urged Virgin Islanders to remember that the Territory is a Christian community. He also admonished non Belongers to appreciate the Virgin Islands way of life.

The Ninth District Representative made the announcement in his Christmas message. He said: “Remember that our little county is now a cosmopolitan country and there are many people from around the world who come to live and work amongst us and we must make them know that our way of life must not be destroyed but should be made better and better.”

In reminding that the Territory is a Christian society the Legislator admonished Virgin Islanders to practice Christian values in their way of life: “We must always remember and keep in mind that our country is a Christian country and the number of churches is on the increase. We do have a charge to keep and a God to glorify and we should never be afraid or ashamed to say: “Our country is a Christian country” and we must show that in the life we live and the example we set.”