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BVI Basketball Federation District League playoffs underway

East Rockers 2.0 Makebo Fahie, right, blocks the Guns’ Nathan Francis’ shot 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Damion Ottley had 19 points and eight rebounds, in leading East Rockers 2.0, past the Guns, 103-77, to close play on Sunday, in the BVI Basketball Federation District League playoffs best of three series opener. Drexton Gaton added 15. Makebo Fahie, Timron Nickie and Leslee Smith, poured in 12 points respectively.

Ray Victor led the Guns with a game high 22 points and pulled 14 boards. Kameron Young, Nathan Francis and D’Anndre Penn, had 13 points each with eight, nine and seven rebounds respectively.

“We finally had a decent practice yesterday, a lot of the guys finally came through the night, got a lot of stuff out of their system, everybody cleared the air,” East Rockers 2.0 Coach Derwin Scatliffe told Island Sun Sports. “Nobody got vexed with the subs or rotations, everybody listened on the court and that’s what practice does. I keep telling them if we practice, I don’t think anybody can beat us but we have to practice.”

Scatlife said they tried to control the size on the inside and try to control leading scorer Ray Victor as much as possible without allowing others to get involved or get hot.

Verne “Bego” Turnbull said  injuries depleted his team. “But we’re still going to come back next game and try again,” he said. “With the injuries, the rotation is very small. We have to play harder. It will take a lot of hard work (to even the series.”

Victor noted that they’re not at full strength and turned over the ball a lot. “We gave up a lot of layups and you can hear my breath, too long of a break (from the Covid outbreak) big time,” he said. “We have to be disciplined, not give up so many layups. We have to set our offense instead of taking quick shots—the quick shots lead to fast breaks which takes a lot of energy from us—so we have to be disciplined on defense, make their defense work. When we settle in, we can have a closer game instead of a 25 points blowout.”

Douron Phillip and Tavon Phillip had 22 and 20 points with each grabbing 11 rebounds for their double doubles in leading Mega Mix to a 68-57 victory over Z6ne. Trent Herbert contributed another 10 points. Malachy Payne was Z6ne leading scorer with 17 points. Mikey Joseph added another 10.

Virgin Gorda’s Bayside Blazers—the league’s only unbeaten team with a 9-0 regular season record—cruised to a 90-74 victory over the Filipinas. Jolyon Wilson led the charge with a 22 points 10 rebounds double double. Stephano Paul had 17 points and 12 rebounds. Kimron Telemaque contributed 16 points with three steals. Paul Bridgewater also had a double with his 14 points and 10 rebounds.

Louie Plobete was the Filipinas top scorer with 18 points. He also had four rebounds and three steals. Delbert Samuel was the only other player in double figures with a 12 points and 12 rebounds double double.

Jevon Demming had a game high 26 points in leading five A’s players in double figures, during a 94-75 triumph over Skillful Ballers. Demming also had seven rebounds and four steals. Noel McKelly added 16 points to go with seven steals, five rebounds and he dished out three assists. Juan “Juany” Richards, Shakeem Blackmore and Asim Beazer, had 14 points respectively with Richards and Beazer pulling 10 boards, with three and four steals a piece. Both also had two assists.

Dione Blyden was Skillful Ballers top scorer with 17 points and pulled 16 off the rack. He also had three steals. Dwayne Stoutt added another 14 points and seven rebounds to the tally.

In Jr. Division play, Jr. East Rockers nullified a game high 40 points from Jr. Mega Mix’s Verne Frett, to take a 1-0 lead in their series with an 86-73 victory. Zachry Luke led Jr. East Rockers with his 23 points and 20 rebounds double double, to go with three blocks. Deshawn Doyley followed up with 20 points and pulled 17 off the rack. T’Coy Tyson added 19 and had five rebounds.

Frett, with his 40 for Jr. Mega Mix narrowly missed a triple double with 10 rebounds and nine steals. Reaquan Garroway grabbed a triple double, with his 16 points, 13 boards and 11 steals. He also had four assists. D’Relle Clyne finished with a 14 points 12 rebounds double double.

Z6ne Bay Youths, overpowered 3D’s Big Dogs, 90-83. K’acy Channer led the scores with 21 points. He also had five rebounds and three steals. Kalique Maduro dropped18 points to the tally with five rebounds. Alonzo Baptiste contributed16 points 17 boards double, double. Malcolm Christopher also had a double double with 13 points and 11 rebounds. He also had three steals. Shamair Maduro narrowly missed a double double with his nine points and 11 rebounds.

Kymal Poncho led 3 D’s Big Dogs with a 24 points and 15 boards double and two steals. Stephan DeLeon followed up with 22 points and 10 rebounds. He also grabbed three steals. Jason Audain Jr. added another 12 points, five rebounds and grabbed seven steals.