Bvi Archery Association Training New Batch Of Instructors

An explosion of interest in Archery has led the BVI Archery Association to train more instructors

An explosion of interest in Archery has led the BVI Archery Association to train more instructors

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

With an explosion of interest in the sport, the BVI Archery Association will train another batch of instructors during an eight-hour course being offered at the Gertude and Catherine Warner Community Center in Purcell on Sunday. The course runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Association general secretary Ritseeniyah Georges said they are targeting 12 persons eight of whom have registered so far. She said that there’s no deadline and once the spots are filled that’s it. The registration fee is $125.

“We are going to train more people in the future who show interest,” Georges said. “This training is to basically certify more basic archery instructors. We are only targeting 12 persons because with the training comes an instructors manual.  This course came about because we have been having a lot of demand—there are a lot of people who are interested in archery—and it’s a lot of work on just basically six instructors. So we need to train the other instructors.”

Georges noted that a lot of the instructors are Phys Ed teachers, who will be instructing in their schools. The association had its first training program—a trainer of trainers course—towards the end of August. Several plans were affected by the passage of Tropical Storm Erica at the time. Five certified instructors and five basic instructors were trained.

“At that time, we were looking at more Phys Ed teachers being trained, but government also had their workshop during that same week so those teachers that wanted to come from government, were not able to come,” Georges noted. “The storm also had an affect on what we had originally planned.”

Following the weekend course, three persons will compete in the U.S. Virgin Islands Archery Federation tournament in St. Croix on Dec 5. Two of the participants will compete at compound archery at 50m and the other competing at 20m traditional re-curve at 20m.