BVI Airways Sour Deal Back On The Menu


The BVI Airways saga will not fade quietly now that a Virgin Islands Government, lead by Hon. Andrew Fahie who was largely credited for the various revelations about the deal is at the helm as the Premier of the British Virgin Islands.

His Party not only promised its constituents that it will investigate the matter of $7.2M given to the airline, but made its position of pursuing the matter clear in its manifesto that was unvealed some days ago.

The promise to delve into the details of the deal was mentioned on the list of the Party’s short term priorities critical actions. In noting the intention, the VIP said that it will “start a commission of inquiry on the BVI Airways deal that costed taxpayers $7.2M for no air service in return.”

Prior to the elections, Hon. Fahie mentioned the BVI Airways deal during a Press Conference that was held on the 30 January. At that time, he said: “The $7.2 million spirited away in the crooked BVI Airways deal.”

Last July His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert noted that Auditor General Sonia Webster was conducting an audit of the BVI Airways deal and in an update in September he noted that the audit was ongoing. However, he told the media that he will not be providing running commentary on the matter, so he will not say more on the subject.

During a press conference on 26 July, the Governor said that he will not speculate that the audit being carried out on Government’s dealings with BVI Airways would warrant a commission of inquiry, which members of the Public have openly called for.