BVI Airways Remains A Mystery


For the second time Premier and Minister of Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith has restrained from answering questions relating to BVI Airways in the House of Assembly.

During the 13 September sitting Opposition Member and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser followed up on efforts he made in a previous 19 July sitting to garner additional information on government’s dealing with BVI Airways.

In recent months, following intense public backlash from details emerging from Government’s investing of $7.2M in BVI Airways, which never took to the skies Hon. Smith has opted to say little or nothing on the subject.

During last week’s sitting Hon. Fraser asked the Premier to tell the House of Assembly whether the Government is liable for any debt or expenses incurred by BVI Airways. However, the Premier announced that he was unable to answer the question.

“Madame Speaker at the last sitting of the House of Assembly and in response to a question on the subject of BVI Airways. I responded and now reiterate that I have been asked many questions in this Honorable House about this matter. Steps are being taken to recoup the money that has been invested by Government. I do not wish to make any further statements that may compromise the steps being taken and will provide a full report at the appropriate time.”

The lack of required response prompted the Opposition member to follow up with a supplementary question. Hon. Fraser declared: “Madame Speaker while it is true that the Premier did make that statement and I acknowledge it fully – I do wish to remind the Premier that this is a new session of the House of Assembly and that such statements do not hold through. He now makes it again. I will continue to ask my question regarding the matter Madame Speaker.”

Hon. Fraser further asked the Premier if there has been any further developments in the relationship between BVI Airways and the Government?

In response Hon. Smith said, “Madame Speaker I refer the Hon. Member to my answer to question two.”