After more than a year of waiting, the Auditor General’s report on BVI Airways is finally ready, and at least one Opposition member is seeking to have a peek at the long-awaited document.

The disclosure was made following a supplementary question about BVI Airways during the House of Assembly on 25 February. The question was asked by Third District Representative and Senior Member of the House Hon. Julian Fraser.

In posing his question Hon. Fraser said, “I am aware Mr. Speaker that a report was prepared by the Auditor General and given to the Governor and according to the law at the same time the Governor receives a copy the Premier does. Hon. Premier where is that report? When is it coming to this House of Assembly?”

Premier Fahie confirmed that he did receive the report, but noted that it was not up to him to make it public. “Yes the Premier received this report but the Governor also has his and he has to be the one to bring it to Cabinet so that it be laid on the table of the honourable House, not the Premier.”

Meanwhile, Hon. Fahie explained that the Governor still has time to make the report accessible. “Mister Speaker it also has a timeframe from which when he receives it, so he still within that time frame to bring it to the Cabinet so that it could be laid on the table of the House. I have to be guided by when the Governor is deciding to move, but yes I was given a copy so I assume by the law that he would have been given one because the Auditor General follows the law to the ‘t’.”

Hon. Fahie also did not give the actual date the report was received, instead. he told the House that it was recently. “It was not too long, it wasn’t more than a week”.

During a media briefing in July 2018, the Governor briefly mentioned the audit. He was at the time vague on details such as scope and date of commencement. The disclosure on the matter came in response to questions about public concerns.

While noting that he is aware of some of the matters of public interest Governor Jaspert mentioned that the audit was in progress. He announced, “BVI Airways, I know there is a lot of debate going on that, and I am pleased the auditor general is looking into that, and investigating what’s happened with BVI Airways.”