Buyers Beware! Fake BVI Collector’s Coin In Circulation


FAKE-BVI-COINThursday, May 22, 2014 – 3:59pm

The Government of the British Virgin Islands is advising the public, especially coin collectors, that a ‘coin’ claiming to be issued in the name of the British Virgin Islands, has been offered for sale to coin dealers and the general public.

This ‘coin’ allegedly commemorates the visit of Pope Francis to Brazil and bears an image of Her Majesty the Queen on the front, together with the wording ‘British Virgin Islands.’

All interested parties are advised that this ‘coin’ has never been approved by the Government, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or Her Majesty the Queen.

Immediate action is being taken to investigate the perpetrators of this distribution. In the meantime, the Government of British Virgin Islands is alerting any potential purchasers that this item is not an authorised coin.