Burke’s Garage Sends Service Manager To Japan For Training And Updates On 2017 Subaru


Mr. Benaiah Burke, Service Manager of Burke’s Garage recently returned to the Territory from a two-week training program in Japan, where he familiarized with the new models and technologies of the Subaru brand. The BVI representative was the only Caribbean Subaru dealer in attendance.
In an interview with The Island Sun newspaper on 6 December Mr. Burke explained that by attending the training he was continuing a Burke’s company tradition of keeping abreast with the various lines they carry in order to be able to offer better service.
The Service Manager explained that the two weeks training is a continuation of a practice that began years ago to ensure that the company remains in the know: “We usually keep updated with the latest models, we do try and keep up with the latest technology. This training was really step one where we are introduced to the new models, the new engines, transmissions, and chassis for Subaru.”
Mr. Burke left for Japan on 12 November and returned on 26 November; he told The Island Sun that he was happy that he was able to get familiar with the new features in the Subaru transmission.
The fact that the BVI’s Burke’s Garage was the only represented Caribbean Subaru dealership at the two weeks training was emphasized as it was noted that manufactures appreciate interest in their products. Additionally, the Service Manager mentioned that he was also happy to make the acquaintance of dealers from countries around the world and noted that over the years they have had a great rapport with other dealerships.
In driving home the point that Burke’s Garage remains on the cutting edge of auto service knowledge, General Manager Theodore Burke told The Island Sun: “We always improve on our training, because to keep up with good service we have to keep up with the training. As the engines and transmissions evolve we have to ensure that we have the tools and the know-how to keep up the service.”
It was explained that Burke’s Garage customers do not need to wait for mechanics to be sourced from overseas to fix certain problems because the company ensures that it is equipped and able to service the lines it carries effectively.
As it relates to Subaru it was noted that the brand is one of the smaller lines Burke’s Garage offers: “It is about 20 percent of our sales, but it has the potential to do a lot more. It’s an all-wheel drive vehicle, they’re very sturdy — they’re good on our terrain — the hilly terrain — the Subaru does well,” Mr. Burke added.
As it relates to brand performance the General Manager noted that Subaru customers have been growing in numbers – for both new and used vehicles: “I think the more that we promote the product, the more the sales will go up, because compared to the competition I will say this is one of the better vehicles on the market. So, in keeping in line with the training we don’t just want to sell you a vehicle and we won’t be able to maintain it, we want to improve your vehicle experience and that includes keeping parts on hand, having well trained mechanics and the tools and equipment to service these newer models if any issue arise,” Mr. Burke pointed out.
2017 is poised to be a great year for both the company and Subaru as the General Manager disclosed that he is excited about the 2017 models of Subarus: “The new models are much more attractive than they were before and we see potential. The price point is better with the newer models…I think with the increased promotion we have for 2017 it will be better.”