Bi-partisan consensus is rarely mentioned: Hon. Fahie says


Opposition Member, and First District Representative, Hon. Andrew Fahie announced that the Government never notes their positive support, but is keen on highlighting their criticisms, which he said are made in the spirit of ensuring the best for the Territory.

During the VIP radio program on 20 April, Hon. Fahie said: “I want to re-emphasise that as members of Her Majesty’s Opposition of which we here are, our duty is to be the public’s eyes and ears.”

Hon. Fahie stated that the Opposition insures that decisions are in the best interest of the people, and he pointed out that it is also the role of the Opposition to agree with Government in areas beneficial to the people of the Territory.

However, he said that these areas of agreement are seldom mentioned: “The current administration only highlights the times when we do not agree on certain aspects, but there are areas where they have brought to the table for discussions that we have agreed on. But it is their duty to hide it to give a negative light, but at the end of the day that is the duty of all oppositions all over the world; as a matter of fact everywhere in the world a good opposition is crucial to ensure that a country remains on the cutting edge,” Hon. Fahie said.

“We in the Opposition have two ways that we use to highlight to the public. Because we do not have any At Large members in the Opposition it calls for us  — although we are District Representatives — to also act in the capacity in the Opposition also as Territorial members, so to speak; because we have become the people’s eyes and ears…Sometimes the intention of some is to cloudy those two hats that we have to wear.”