Beware Of Social Media Pitfalls: Keynote Speaker Warns


Youths were advised that they don’t need to trumpet every detail of their existence on social media and also warned to keep their dreams from haters

The advice was delivered by Keynote Speaker at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College Graduation, Ms. Fiona Forbes. In addressing the graduates, Ms. Forbes who is the Senior Associate of Lennox Paton in the BVI shared her path to success and told the graduates that they will need to consider her mother’s advice and ‘work with their mouths close’ to make their dreams come through.

“Protect your dream, in the words of my mother, …work with your mouth close. I understand that this may be difficult in this hyper connected age of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to resist the urge of broadcast every minutia of your very existence but I encourage you to resist the urge,” Forbes said.

Social media are presently suffering a downward trend, and more people are spending less time on the net communicating and sharing sensitive and personal information and photographs that can be used by criminals and haters.

The Keynote Speaker also told the graduates that some people are dream killers and some create stumbling blocks to keep dreams from being realized: “It is important that you protect your dream from dream killers, persons who would treacherously attempt to block you from fulfilling your dreams or try to persuade you that your dream are too big or too unrealistic or you are not talented or intelligent enough or that you don’t have the right last name or family connections to achieve your dreams,” Forbes said.

“Do not share your dreams with persons whose minds are not big enough to comprehend that vision of your future. Nurture your dreams in silence and let your success speak for you,” she added.