Baugher’s Bay Disfigured By Derelict Vessels & Vehicles


The derelict vessels and vehicles that were lamented by Sixth District Representative Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines as one of the reasons her District does not look its aesthetic best will be cleared shortly. In a notice published earlier this week the owners of the abandoned boats and vehicles were told to clear them from the Fisherman’s Wharf, Baugher’s Bay, as soon as possible.

The push to have the area cleared is said to be in preparation of the works to be carried out in the second week of May under the Baugher’s Bay Rehabilitation Project. Therefore in stressing the need for the discarded items to be removed, the announcement reminded that the area is Crown land; and noted that Government wishes to use the area for construction loading.”

“Persons are asked to remove property including vehicles, vessels and other personal property at the Fisherman’s Wharf, Baugher’s Bay,” the notice said

In her budget debate contribution Hon. Maduro-Caines complained about the derelict vehicles and boats and lamented the fact that people continue to dump their unwanted items in her District: “We have been plagued with this problem for some time now. We need to have those boats removed. One of the problems is that most of those boat owners don’t reside or live in the Sixth District,” the District Representative said.

She also asked that Government make budgetary contribution to have the area cleared: “I would like to see somewhere in this budget, a line item that speaks to this issue. Monies being allocated just for the removal of derelict boats, derelict vehicles, old furniture and appliances that are just left on the roadside.”

“I am asking our people to have some self-pride and national pride, and take your old used belongings, whether it is appliances, boat and vehicles, take them to the dump and not leave them on the roadside. This is not pleasing at all,” she added.