Base2Trade Is Not Based In Bvi: FSC Says


The Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) issued a report on 23 January following claims that an entity calling itself Base2Trade was falsely touting to be a BVI business.

In its announcement, the FSC stated that it was made aware that the entity which previously operated at was presenting itself as being incorporated and registered in the Territory.

The Financial Services Commission further noted that as a result of the FSC’s enquiries, it would appear that Base2Trade offered its products and services through its website and falsely claimed to be headquartered in the Territory.

“The FSC can confirm that Base2Trade has never been registered or incorporated as a Business Company in the British Virgin Islands.  Base2Trade has also never been licensed by the FSC to carry on financial services business in or from within the Territory,” the statement from the Commission declared.

As a result, the FSC stated that members of the public are advised to exercise extreme caution if solicited by or conducting business with Base2Trade.

The public was also invited to provide the FSC with any relevant information on this entity, or any other questionable entities that are purportedly operating in or from within the Territory.