Barbados-Bvi Direct Flights Become a Reality


LIAT is aiming to bridge its north and south routes with a non-stop flight to Barbados from Beef Island. Now persons travelling from the BVI have an option to get to Barbados without enduring the usual LIAT island hopping.

The inaugural flight landed at the T.B Lettsome International airport on 1 June, a little before 2:00 pm, and members of the BVI media as well as reporters from Barbados interviewed Mr. Egbert Riley Head of Sales and Marketing at LIAT.

Riley announced that the airline’s plans to continue the flight all the way to December. However he said that like all airline flights, the offering of this service will depend on demand.

“Even though it is a direct flight from Barbados to Tortola our major markets really are St Vincent, Grenada, St Lucia and Guyana. The flight time is such that it allows for easy connection, because it reduces the number of hops to Tortola so it is beneficial to the diaspora getting back to the south and for those in the south getting north as well,” Riley explained.

He noted that the decision to implement the new service was two folds. “We did do some research and recognized that this is a market that LIAT needs to be present in, but one of the things that also impacted the decision is the reality for aviation and the airline industry. LIAT’s major challenge is this…LIAT has a very difficult job.”

“We have to transport passengers from very small markets to very short destinations so it means we are up and down; that is not easy on the aircraft, and it means that it is relatively expensive with fuel etc,” the Head of Sales and Marketing explained.

When asked about the price for this particular flight, Riley said that the cost is affordable, and in line with LIAT’s pricing structure.

The new flight will be operated as flight 300 and 301.