Ball Starz Win League Title

Ball Starz won the BVI Football Association Women's League title for the third time in four years

Ball Starz won the BVI Football Association Women’s League title for the third time in four years

Led by MVP Philia James, Ball Starz used a 6-2 victory over Virgin Gorda United on Saturday, to successfully defend their BVI Football Association Women’s League title. It was their third title in four years.
“This was an amazing game and our team played all around consistently, from the back line to the strikers and the midfield was controlled by my senior midfield players,” noted Ball Starz coach Morris Mark. “By the time we scored the second goal, we had taken the game away from them.”
James got Ball Starz rolling with two early first half goals before Morgan Creque added another as they carried a 3-0 lead into halftime. Virgin Gorda helped padded Ball Starz’s lead with an own goal, before Kezia Gumbs got them on the board with successive goals. Murcella Gordon scored from a free kick and Lillie Pierce completed the 6-2 scoring to close out the match, for Ball Starz.
Mark said since he knows all the players on the opposing team and their strengths and weaknesses, he formulated his game plan based on their strengths and counteract it with a plan that would prevent them from utilizing their strengths, for them to be able to win the game.
“I knew they had two former Ball Starz players—Kezia Gumbs and Sandy Wattley—I knew them very well, I knew what they are capable of and I knew the plays would be going through Kezia because she’s the most formidable player on Virgin Gorda United,” he explained. “She can strike at any give time from free kicks. She has an aggression on the field that would have made the difference for them, so I knew I would have to take her out of the game and if I did that then it would be a lot easier for our players to take advantage because we pretty much had our best product on the field.”
Virgin Gorda United coach Chris Frederick said Ball Starz had too much experience for his young team.
“We didn’t have togetherness, too many players simply played for themselves,” he noted. “There was no teamwork and that made us lose the game because we weren’t together. We spoke after the game and the ball wasn’t moving as it should and players weren’t getting along. Everybody was trying to be a hero and not sharing. Ball Starz is an experienced team and we are a rising team with talent. We know next time around we can capture the title.”
Mark said Ball Starz won the league in 2013, lost in 2014 and has won the crown the last two years and every knockout tournament in between.
“We have been the dominant team in the league,” he said.