Badmouthing is Pervasive: We have Deteriorated, Pastor says


Pastor Melvin Turnbull of the Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church says that the media is contributing to the unsupportive attitude exhibited in the community.

The Pastor who was at the time speaking at the re-opening of Bobby’s Supermarket said that people appear to be more ready to speak ill against each other than to offer words of encouragement.

“Everyone needs to understand that we have a role to play and sometimes just the negative media, the negative comment, the negative whatever destroys each other. In fact, the Bible says that life and death is in the power of the tongue, so if you can’t speak anything, speak life. I think I need to say that because of what’s been going on and what’s been happening,” the Pastor told the gathering on 11 April.

The Pastor says that the community needs to be one that is supportive and encouraging and he was critical of persons who appear to rejoice over others’ demise: “We need to rejoice with those who rejoice. Many of us are aware that in this Territory, we have deteriorated from the people we once were; and many of us have become negative, we no longer seem to be happy for each other….I want us to be challenged by what the scripture says, rejoice with those who rejoice.”